Real Estate Contingent Status Does Mean

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Mar 29, 2016. So, you're looking for a house and the word "contingent" keeps popping up. What exactly does that mean? Read our. The first status is “active.

This Site Might Help You. RE: In real estate, contingent means? The status of the house just has the word contingent next to it.what does that mean exactly? Can I place a bid on it? Is it pending?

Active Kick Out Contingency Contract – In today's changing real estate market. Another Contingency is Active Kick Out and what that means is a buyer. So, if you are in the market and see a contingency as a status change it's. positive problem solver, specialty boutique real estate brokerage that does things your way!

What does contingent mean in real estate?. Yes a "contingent offer" in reference to the status of a property for sale means that the offer received requires.

Contingencies. You'll occasionally see the word "contingent" in a home's under-contract status. This means the contract contains one or more stipulations. Three Things Buyers Need to Do Before Closing on a House. What Is a Back Up Real Estate Contract?

2015-08-14  · Active Contingent, means just that. There is a contingency on the sale of the property, it could be the home inspection, financial commitment or sale of.

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What does contingent status meanWhat does contingent mean in real estate – What is a contingent offer in real estate? Yes a "contingent offer" in reference to the status of a property for sale means that the offer received requires additional action to be fully accepted. What does Contingent with No Kick Out mean in Real Estate Terms?

Contingent (Status 2-3) what does this mean? Find answers to this and many other questions on Trulia Voices, a community for you to find and share local information.

Jan 8, 2013. However, putting a listing in UCB status does not mean the seller can. own through one of those big name real estate websites, the listings.

Oct 26, 2011. Homes with an accepted contract for sale have an MLS status of. Inspection results and negotiations do fail on a fairly regular basis, PENDING – The buyer has cleared the inspection contingency and is. Also remember that accepted real estate offers are binding contracts which means that you cannot.

Feb 22, 2015. Are you wondering what "contingent" or "pending means when you look up a property in zillow, trulia or redfin? for more info tweet me.

What Does "Active Contingent" Mean In Real Estate? – One question that consumers ask real estate agents is, "what does active contingent mean?" If you are a buyer interested in an "active contingent" home, continue to check back often to see if the status has changed.

And the real estate business is no different. In fact, there are probably more terms in the housing biz That doesn't mean that it's a done deal by any means, however (more on that next). Contingent. A contingent status means that the seller has accepted an offer and the home is under contract.

What does it mean when you see CCBS on an Arizona home for sale? This new. By Heather Tawes Nelson on January 27, 2016 in Arizona real estate forms, Buying a Scottsdale AZ Home, A few years ago, another status was added called UCB, or Under Contract. CCBS stands for Contract Contingent on Buyer Sale.

What Is the Meaning of Contingent Status in Real Estate?. The phrase "contingent status" in real estate refers to a home currently on the market that has a purchase.

What does "Contingent" mean for a listing. have you ever run across some that have a status of Contingent?. resources for learning more about real estate status:

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What does ‘Active Contingent’ or ‘Contingent’ mean? – Discover what ‘active contingent’, ‘contingent’ and ‘pending’ mean in real estate and how it can pay off for you, along with different types you must know.

Realities of Real Estate: What's your status? – Capital Gazette – Nov 9, 2014. For real estate, the status of a property is informative and can tell you a. home sale contingency, meaning that this particular buyer can't (or doesn't. with at least one pending contingency and the pending contingencies do.

What does Active Contingent mean when you buying a home? Find the Active Contingent Listings of agents and view the property of home Seller to buyer.

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